The Guidance Department offers comprehensive services to all students in McLaughlin Middle School.

Mrs. Kate Fait is a certified counselor who sees students in Gold 6-2.

Mrs. Maxine Mosley is a certified counselor who sees students in Blue 6/7 split, 8 Green, 8 Red and the 6, 7 & 8 Magnet students and the 8th graders of Mrs. Landry and Mrs. Eber-Mechin's students.

Mr. Dan Marshall is a certified counselor who sees students in Gold 6-1, 7 Blue and Green 7 and the 6 & 7th graders with Mrs. Landry.

As counselors we offer individual and small group counseling, as well as consultation with the staff. All of the counselors work with students in such areas as: self-esteem, peer relationships, academic achievement, drug and alcohol related issues, anger management, issues specific to adolescence, nutrition, hygiene and grooming, tolerance, manners and a variety of other issues specific to 6-8 graders. We also oversee peer tutoring, peer mentoring, scheduling, and are available to staff and parents for consultation regarding student-based issues. Referrals to community agencies, after school programs, summer school and summer camp information are a few of the other services provided by this department.

Parents can access our services by calling for an appointment at (603) 628-6247.